The Sisters

de Rosalind Noonan (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

“A daughter secretly infiltrates an Oregon cult to save her mother in this harrowing tale” from the author of Domestic Secrets (Publishers Weekly).

Twelve years ago, Glory abandoned her two daughters—four-year-old Ruby and baby Aurora—at a fire station, running off to a man who promised love and protection. Though the refuge she hoped for turned out to be a sham, she believes Ruby and Aurora are better off without her. But Glory has since given birth to another daughter, who’s clamoring for a life beyond their close-knit, tightly controlled world.

Sixteen-year-old Ruby loves her adoptive parents, but she hasn’t forgotten Glory. Now that she has her driver’s license, Ruby sets out in search of her birth mother. What she finds is a ramshackle house of castaway women, referred to as “sisters,” ruled over by a charismatic bully who monitors their every move.

Glory would take ten-year-old Luna away in a heartbeat if they had somewhere to go. On good days, the girl is confined to the fenced-in yard; on bad days, she’s sent to the dusty attic as punishment. When Ruby makes contact, Glory seizes on a chance for escape. Ruby is desperate to help, but how much does she owe to family she barely knows—and how can she fix someone else’s life when she has so little power over her own?

Praise for The Sisters

“Thanks to its twisted plot and courageous characters, Noonan’s portrait of the love between a mother and daughter is irresistible.” —Publishers Weekly 

“Noonan’s complex novel grips the reader with fully textured characters and page turning suspense. A heart wrenching book you won’t soon forget.” —New York Journal of Books

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27 de noviembre de 2018
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