Cool Camping: Sleeping, Eating, and Enjoying Life Under Canvas

Cool Camping: Sleeping, Eating, and Enjoying Life Under Canvas

by Laura James (Author)
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“Don’t even think about setting foot in a tent without this book. It shows just how stylish outdoor life can be.” Jodie Kidd

With celebrity contributions from cool campers Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall, Jodie Kidd, Alex James, Mitch Tonks, Emily Eavis, Kim Wilde, Kevin McCloud, Tom Norrington Davies, Rafaella Barker, and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones.

Before you have nightmares about being trapped in a field with a bus-load of boy scouts, swatting your way through a cloud of midges with your Ordnance Survey map the wrong way ‘round, rest assured that camping is officially cool again. Today’s camping is about style, comfort and a sprinkling of glamour – think Sienna Miller at Glastonbury, silk-swathed tipis, Cath Kidston tents, and designer (yes, designer) caravans. Oh, and great gadgets.

Cool Camping is the ultimate guide to the perfect outdoor lifestyle. Illustrated throughout with stylish photographs of the latest and coolest gear, camping couture and locations, Cool Camping is packed full of suggestions for the most scenic and unusual camping spots and music festivals around the world, suggestions for music playlists to complement your holiday under canvas, gourmet campfire recipes with celebrity contributions, and a trip down memory lane with classic campfire stories. Plus, exciting and creative suggestions for what to do once you're there. The great outdoors never looked so good!

Contents include:

The Great Escape
Canvas and Kit
Camping in Style
Around the Campfire

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Publication date
April 18, 2019
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