Unraveling the Pieces

by Terri DuLong (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

The New York Times bestselling author casts on a tale of heartbreak and hope in Ormond Beach, where one woman finds the comfort she’s always needed.
Petra Garfield has no real attachments tying her down. She’s ready for an adventure, so what could be better than an extended stay at Koi House in enchanting Ormond Beach, Florida, with friends old and new. Having recently lost her mother, Petra is riddled with questions about the father she never knew. She certainly never thought she’d find the answers in a tiny town in Florida…
As much as she wants to search for the truth, Petra knows she can’t spend all her time wallowing in the past. And her friends at the Dreamweaver yarn shop aren’t about to let her. The ladies encourage her to volunteer at a local animal shelter, where she befriends a young boy—and his handsome father. Tangled in secrets and surprising revelations, Petra must learn to stitch her life back together even as she unravels lifelong mysteries. And perhaps she’ll find unexpected happiness along the way…

Includes an original knitting pattern!

 “DuLong reminds me of a Southern Debbie Macomber but with a flair all her own.”—Karin Gillespie

Publication date
November 22, 2016
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