The Red Army Guerrilla Warfare Pocket Manual, 1943

by Lester Grau (Editor), Michael Gress (Editor)
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The indispensable guerilla warfare manual, first developed by the Russian military during WWII—with a thorough introduction on its legendary history.
During the Second World War, the Red Army developed The Partisan's Companion to train Soviet guerillas to fight Nazi invaders It contains the Soviet lessons of two bitter years of war, covering field craft, guerilla tactics, German counter-guerrilla tactics, demolitions, German and Soviet weapons, scouting, camouflage, anti-tank warfare and anti-aircraft defense for squad and platoon-level instruction. It proved so effective that it was later used to train Third World guerrillas in their wars of national liberation during the 1950s–70s, and even the Fedayeen guerrillas who fought US and coalition forces in Iraq.
The Soviet partisans moved and lived clandestinely, harassed the enemy, and supported the Red Army through reconnaissance and attacks on German supply lines. They clearly frustrated German logistics and forced the Germans to periodically sideline divisions for rear-area security. The partisans and their handbook were a vital part of the eventual Soviet victory over Germany. This pocket manual puts The Partisan's Companion in context, explaining its importance.

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January 08, 2021
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