A History of the Yoruba People

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A History of the Yoruba People is an audacious comprehensive exploration of the founding and growth of one of the most influential groups in Africa. In this commendable book, S. Adebanji Akintoye deploys four decades of historiography research with current interpretation and analyses to present the most complete and authoritative volume on the Yoruba to date. This exceptionally lucid account gathers and imparts a wealth of research and discourses on Yoruba studies for a wider group of readership than ever before. Very few attempts have tried to grapple fully with the historical foundations and development of a group that has contributed to shaping the way African communities are analysed from prehistoric to modern times.
?A wondrous achievement, a profound pioneering breakthrough, a reminder to New World historians of what ?proper history? is all about ? a recount which draws the full landed and spiritual portrait of a people from its roots up ? A History of the Yoruba People is yet another superlative work of brilliant chronicling and persuasive interpretation by an outstanding scholar and historiographer of Africa.~ Prof Michael Vickers, author of Ethnicity and Sub-Nationalism in Nigeria: Movement for a Mid-West Stateand Phantom Trail: Discovering Ancient America.
?This book is more than a 21st century attempt to (re)present a comprehensive history of the Yoruba ... shifting the focus to a broader and more eclectic account. It is a far more nuanced, evidentially-sensitive, systematic account.? ~ Wale Adebanwi, Assist. Prof., African American and African Studies, UC Davis, USA.
?Akintoye links the Yoruba past with the present, broadening and transcending Samuel Johnson in scope and time, and reviving both the passion and agenda that are over a century old, to reveal the long history and definable identity of a people and an ethnicity...Here is an accessible book, with the promise of being ageless, written by the only person who has sustained an academic interest in this subject for nearly half a century, providing the treasures of accumulated knowledge, robust encounters with received wisdom, and mature judgement about the future.? ~ Toyin Falola, The Frances Higginbotham Nalle Professor in History, University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Publication date
January 01, 2010
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