The Boy Who Went Magic

by A. P. Winter (Author)
55 loans, One at a time

<i>Magic doesn't exist in Bert's world...or does it?</i><br /><br />The mages of Ferenor were outlawed and destroyed by the royal family centuries ago for performing incredible feats and powering wondrous machines with their magic, and the world is a much duller place. Bert is a young boy who's lived in an orphanage longer than he can remember, with no friends and the most ordinary life. He's told that magic is just a myth. <br /><br />But then a chain of strange and inexplicable mishaps causes Bert's life to spiral out of control -- only to be rescued by Finch, a plucky girl-adventurer with metal legs. Soon the two are sailing across a sea of clouds with the mysterious Professor, pursued by a royal prince who's desperate to get his hands on Bert at any cost. For magic is all too real and even more powerful than imagined -- and Bert just might hold the key to bringing it back to the world...

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April 24, 2018
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