A History of Romania

by Nicolae Iorga (Author)
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Nicolae Iorga’s A History of Romania: Land, People, Civilization is not a typical historical account of a nation’s past, reciting dates, personalities, and events. Rather, it is an intimate portrait of a land and its people written by its greatest historian. Much like Herodotus in antiquity, Iorga can be considered “the father of history” for his country; the sheer volume and scope of his work make him among the most prolific historians in all of world history. Like a true artist, he paints a portrait of Romania, bringing to life the complex history of this fascinating land. Iorga skillfully weaves together history, art, architecture, language, literature, and culture to give the reader an understanding of the fabric of Romanian society.

Originally published in 1925, Iorga’s book was one of the earliest overviews of Romanian history printed in the English language. The author presents the history of the Romanian lands from ancient times until the end of World War I. He reflects on the great personalities and events that shaped the nation, while at the same time examining the various threads that bind it together.

This new edition of this classic work includes a list of rulers, a bibliography, an index and numerous illustrations. It is also accompanied by a foreword by David Prodan, another great personality of Romanian historiography, discussing Iorga’s contributions to Romanian scholarship. Nicolae Iorga’s A History of Romania is essential reading for anyone interested in the story of this fascinating land.

David Prodan (Introduction author)
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September 24, 2019
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