Improve Your Memory

by Ron Fry (Author)
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From the bestselling author of Get Organized: Simple and ingenious techniques to improve your memory and retain information for a lifetime.

Want to remember more of what you read, perform better on tests, or just be able to find your car keys? Ron Fry’s effective system has helped thousands of people improve their memory by adapting today’s best memorization techniques to their own needs. Packed with quizzes designed to pinpoint your specific trouble spots—as well as proven strategies for any memory-based task—this is the only book you need to start improving your memory for a lifetime.

  • The fundamental principles of memory
  • Tests to evaluate and increase your memory
  • The latest techniques and proven formulas for memory development
  • Ways to identify the areas that need improvement
  • Memory-retention formulas for those with specific challenges, such as ADD
  • What strategies work best for each situation
Improve Your Memory offers a system that is useful, practical, flexible, and adaptable—for work, school, and everyday life.

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Publication date
July 31, 2018
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