A Taste of Molecules

by Diane Fresquez (Author)
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A delicious exploration of what creates the flavors we love—and why our taste buds respond to them—in a fascinating, “very pleasant and easy read” (Flanders Today).
In this unique scientific study of food, drink, and how the human taste buds sense taste, food journalist Diane Fresquez brings readers along on a journey of gastronomic discovery.
She begins by following a Belgian beekeeper who uses science to give the ancient drink of mead (or “honey wine”) a modern taste-makeover. Fresquez then travels to Holland to learn how food memories are tested at a research center called the Restaurant of the Future. And elsewhere, she discovers how much skill it takes to make banana flavor in the lab, and experiments on a group of scientists during a surprise meal eaten in the dark.
Stuffed with fascinating food facts, anecdotes from the author’s own culinary life, and a selection of irresistible recipes (including a cocktail with dancing molecules), A Taste of Molecules is an exploration of the senses that will delight foodies and science enthusiasts alike.

Publication date
October 21, 2013
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