Crones Don't Whine

by Jean Shinoda Bolen (Author)
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Skip the midlife crisis and embrace the joys of aging with this “lighthearted manual on how to become a juicy and wise old woman” (Isabelle Allende, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom).
Having dedicated her life to helping women realize their full potential at every phase of life, distinguished psychiatrist and bestselling author Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, continues her inspiring and illuminating work with Crones Don’t Whine. Here, Bolen defines thirteen qualities women should cultivate to continue their personal growth into their crone years. Featuring brief essays and small practices, this lighthearted book gives readers resources to turn to again and again.
Life doesn’t end at forty. So why do so many women act as if it does? Put aside your midlife crisis symptoms and embrace the aging process with a new and empowering archetype for older women: Crones Don't Whine—they’re juicy, confident, and fierce about what matters to them. They speak the truth with compassion. They listen to their bodies, reinvent themselves, and savor the good in their lives. As Bolen explains, crone years are “growing” years in women’s lives. In this new stage, women can finally devote their time, energy, and creativity to what really matters to them.
“A wise and honest book” —Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award–winning author of The Color Purple

Publication date
September 01, 2003
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