Homeschool Hacks

Homeschool Hacks

by Linsey Knerl (Author), Mia Barron (Narrateur)
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A working mother of six, who has homeschooled her own children for years, shows how any family can do it, with customized plans for every schedule, lifestyle, and educational goal.

As kids across the country start the school year on Zoom—and possibly finish it there, too—more and more parents are wondering if homeschooling is the answer. But many fear they won’t be able to juggle it on top of their own jobs and obligations. Luckily, Linsey Knerl is here to help. As a mother of six and freelance journalist whose own children learn at home, she’s committed to making homeschool work for every family who wants it.

In Homeschool Hacks, she shares stories of homeschooling families with different backgrounds and motivations, dispelling the myth that it’s only for religious folks or stay-at-home parents. And she walks you through a complete plan for your child’s learning, including:
-Sample schedules to create a flexible framework for your own classroom
-Curriculum assessments to discern which program will best fit their needs and their schedules
-Tips for finding—and navigating—your local the homeschool community
-Online resources to continue your journey through graduation

Whether you are considering homeschooling for the long term, the short term, or the first time, this book has everything you need to become your kids’ best teacher ever.

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April 06, 2021
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