Disney Before the Story: Mulan, Pocohontas & Snow White

Disney Before the Story: Mulan, Pocohontas & Snow White

Mulan’s Secret Plan, Pocahontas Leads the Way & Snow White’s Birthday Wish
by Tessa Roehl (Author), Erin Bennett (Narrateur), Emily Woo Zeller (Narrateur), Kimberly Woods (Narrateur)
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These three exciting chapter books feature some of your favorite Disney heroines on fun adventures as young girls!

Mulan’s Secret Plan

Mulan can’t wait to start school. She’s excited to learn! But when class starts, she realizes that it’s not quite what she was expecting. And if she and her friends really want to learn something, they’re going to have to do it their own way.

Pocahontas Leads the Way

Pocahontas is always looking for an adventure. When Nakoma’s younger brother falls ill and the tribe’s healer needs a special herb to treat him, Pocahontas recruits Nakoma to come with her on a harrowing journey. Will the two girls retrieve the plant in time? Or will their differences cost them the mission and their friendship?

Snow White’s Birthday Wish

The king tells Snow White that she can have any horse she wants for her birthday, but the only one she wants is the hurt stallion she found in the woods. Where did he come from? Does he belong to someone else? Snow White’s special bond with nature guides her as she tries to do what’s best for the horse … and make her own birthday wish come true.

Publication date
April 13, 2021
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