Legacy of Grace

by Brenda Jean Hubbard (Author), Brian Maughan (Illustrator)
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Legacy of Grace, Musings on the Life and Times of Wheeling Gaunt, by Brenda Jean Hubbard chronicles the true life and times of a formerly enslaved Black man named Wheeling Gaunt who purchased his own freedom and through hard work, diligence and disciplined real estate investment slowly built his fortune. Moving with his wife Amanda to the Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1864, Mr. Gaunt became an important village leader and philanthropist as he continued his real estate investments. Upon his death in 1894 he gifted both family and community with impressive and substantial gifts including a sizable bequest to Wilberforce University. He is perhaps most famous for his creation of The Poor Widows Fund gifting flour and sugar to older women in the village each Christmas, a tradition the village still observes. The land that he gave to the village is known today as Gaunt Park and houses Gaunt Park Pool and adjacent sports fields. Through an exploration of the times in which he lived, Mr. Gaunt?s remarkable story of achievement is investigated. Author Brenda Jean Hubbard was born and raised in Yellow Springs where her family lived for over 50 years. She is donating all money raised in the sale of this book to The Yellow Springs 365 Project, a vital non-profit organization committed to racial justice and education. Hubbard says, ?Growing up in Yellow Springs was a true blessing. I was privileged to experience the unique joys and many benefits of knowing diverse, amazing, accomplished and distinguished people from many walks of life. This gifted me with a lifelong passion to celebrate diversity and a heart for social justice. Writing this book is my small attempt to honor the impressive people, history and accomplishments of the Black community while also conveying important and timely history.?

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January 20, 2021
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