Journal to Joy

by Maya Gandaia (Author)
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The perfect purchase to make a transformation to your life. Maya Gandaia?s journal to Joy will help you to come back HOME to who you really are, to be you to the full (BE-AU-TI-FUL) and to reconnect with the gifts you were brought to this Earth to share.

?I am starting to see my dreams materialise, my creativity growing and a cementing of all my years of learning with this journal? Lisa Mildner, Dance Artist.

Using this transformational journal, you will learn to access the beautiful place of vulnerability, where all the magic happens, so you can find your inner power and come home to yourself and your heart. On this journey, you will unearth what the stories are that are blocking your success in a way that can be healing and affirming.

You are here for a reason: to share your unique gift, your passion, and your heart with others. This journal is designed to facilitate you in getting in touch with those gifts and moving everything else out of the way of that path.

?Suitable for novices and experts alike, this Journal provides guidance, support and a useful structure for anyone who has room in their life to express gratitude, reflect on the positive moments from yesterday, to find focus and inner strength for today?s challenges and discover that Alchemy is not just for chemists!? Sarah Tyson, Books Up North

Publication date
December 10, 2020
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