Slavery and Black American Statehood

by Gebah Sekou Kamara (Author)
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Liberia?s contributions to the world continue to be overlooked, including by Black Americans.

Gebah Sekou Kamara, a native of Liberia migrated to the United States in 1998 after fleeing the Civil War in his country, he was granted asylum in 2001. Mr. Kamara explores how many freed Blacks from the United States and beyond gave their lives in founding the republic of Liberia on the coast of West Africa.

The author attempts to reawaken the minds and spirits of Black Americans and Liberians both in the diasporas and on the mainland about engaging with each other to help Liberia reclaim its place on the world stage. He also answers questions such as:

? How did slavery develop on the African coast?

? Why did Black Americans return to Africa?

? How have Liberian natives been miseducated?

? How was the modern Liberian nation built?

The book highlights Liberia?s long journey toward democracy, why the nation is so important to Blacks around the globe, and how it can move forward.

Join the author as he shares a fascinating account of Liberia and its connection to Blacks in the United States of America.

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July 21, 2020
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