Building Blocks for Tiny Techies

by Mia Leonard (Author)
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Today's students are digital natives, adept at using touchscreens and apps from an early age. How can teachers leverage this tech literacy to level up learning, particularly when they might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of edtech options out there? Never fear, Mia Leonard is here, ready to share her years of expertise with best practices for tech implementation, adaptation, and exploration in the elementary classroom. Leonard goes beyond the basics, offering strategic, seamless, and intentional ways to fold tech into existing curricula. With its A-to-Z approach, this guide will help you reach for apps and learning tools that power up the great learning that's already happening in your classroom. Accessible, comprehensive, and inventive, Building Blocks for Tiny Techies is here to help you?and your tiny techies?take the next leap in edtech.

Publication date
January 27, 2021
File size
11 MB