The Revolution We Expected

by Claudio Naranjo (Author)
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In his last work as an author, celebrated doctor and psychotherapist Claudio Naranjo uses The Revolution We Expected to make a final call to humanity to awaken to our collective potential and work to transcend our patriarchal past and present. The book presents a map that argues not only for collective individual awakening but a concerted effort to transform our institutions so that our educational and cultural lessons are in service to a better world. The author targets traditional education and our global economic system that increasingly neglect human development and must transform to meet the needs of future social evolution. He stresses the need for education to teach wisdom over knowledge and he suggests meditation and contemplative practices can help us realize new ways to learn. Ultimately, we need to embark on a collective process of re-humanizing our systems and establishing self-awareness as individuals to create the necessary global consciousness to realize a new way forward.

Publication date
September 15, 2020