George Blackwood (Star Chaser)

by Alex J. Anderson (Author)
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George Blackwood (Star Chaser) Is a work of fiction created from my need to link real life events and turn them into stories that might just show why Campbell soldiers killed men of McDonalds in the Glen Coe Massacre and wondering where have Panthers gone and why? Are they extinct because humans have killed them off. I hoped they had found a safe place to live and then wondered is that place the hidden valley of the Clan McDonald, but if they are there, how did they get there and why have the McDonald Clan not made this known? That made me think, what if Panthers were mentally strong they could influence our human minds to obey and forget ever meeting them and what but humans could endanger their safety? That led me to create an extraterrestrial villain who fed on intelligence, who having emptied his own world of life, came here because of his need to survive. My only other question was to wonder how and why a single person might become aware of this extraordinary story and why has he not made the story public knowledge. I have taken on that task as a work of fiction that just might be credible enough to seem to answer all of those questions.Feel free to read but remember this is purely fiction.

Publication date
March 18, 2021
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