A Guide in Practical Psychrometrics for Students and Engineers

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This publication has been conceived from the author?s active career in a demanding but rewarding working genre. The day to day situation where advice and clear guidance of other more experienced engineers sometimes becomes a limiting factor has been the catalyst for the production of this publication. It is trusted I will be found to guide in many of the areas of HVAC that can cause shortcomings and disappointment in successful delivery.From initials stages of employment it was found that fundamental advice and directives were in ?short supply? and given by default. Study and investigative enquiries were generally found to be most beneficial. Much learnt and proven can be valuably passed on to those who take up a career with the intentions of become an accomplished and asset to a major sector of the construction industry. It is honestly hoped this publication has or will go some way to aiding both individuals and the industry as a whole.

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March 16, 2021
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