I Do Not Like Living with Brothers

I Do Not Like Living with Brothers

by Daniel Baxter (Author)
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As she struggles to get along with her brothers, a little girl learns valuable lessons about kindness, empathy, and the importance of family.

I Do Not Like Living with Brothers aims to teach young siblings to see the value and goodness in each other. We never like everything about our brothers or sisters but if we focus on the positive and recognize that our family cares about us, then we can live together with greater joy.

Exploring the family dynamic of a sister living with two brothers, in this children’s book, our young narrator discovers that while her brothers are dirty, smelly, and sometimes selfish, they are also kind, funny, and helpful. Author and father Daniel Baxter, creator of the popular YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended, shows kids that perhaps living with your siblings is not all bad.

I Do Not Like Living with Brothers is a great empathy book for kids. With creative examples and fun illustrations, it will teach young girls and boys how to be more generous, why we should appreciate the people we live with, and that even though living with siblings can be hard work, it’s worth it!

Great for readers of Be Kind, You’re the Biggest, and Kindness Starts with You.

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June 02, 2021
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