Just Start!

by Meaghan Mcneill (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Here is the part where you think I tell you how I will fix all your problems. Wrong! This is a part where I can help guide you and show how to implement strategies to take back and get a hold of your learning. You and only you have the greatness within to tap into that limitless potential. SCHOOL! Some of you might think stress, failure, please God let me pass? I mean seriously, I have been there I have lived through it and I made it out the other side. Now I am going to try and impart some wisdom I have learned over the years. This is a practical guide that you can follow for two weeks and the aim is that you pick up some quick wins and tips to come out on top. I want YOU to be standing on the top of the proverbial educational Olympian podium. You deserve that number one spot because it?s your life, your dreams and you are your own number one. So, go out there and get intentional ? dream it and achieve it!

Publication date
December 20, 2020
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