Self-Esteem and Early Learning

by Rosemary Roberts (Author)
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Focusing on the period from birth to school, this book is about babies′ and young children′s feelings, their learning; and the ways in which the adults in their lives can support their emotional, social and cognitive development. Looking at the perspectives both of the child and the adult, it presents thought-provoking ideas and questions on how adults can make the most of opportunities to support the children with whom they live and work. A story, in episodes embedded throughout the book, makes this an accessible and enjoyable read.

In this third edition, there are new and updated chapters on:

• Young children′s transitions, with a particular focus on starting school

• Young children′s positive ′learning dispositions′

• Brain research and its possible implications

• Further reading, signposting some enchanting children′s books as well as important new texts.

The book explores the basis of the ′key person′ relationship, looking at attachment ′in practice′, and linking developmental issues with the early development of self esteem.

Written for students on early childhood courses and staff in early childhood care and education settings and integrated Children′s Centres, the book will also be of interest to parents and carers.

Publication date
July 13, 2015
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