Developing School Readiness

by Kathryn Peckham (Author)
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Shortlisted for Best Professional Book by Nursery World Awards 2017!

We′ve all heard of the term school readiness but how many of us understand what is meant by it? What does it mean in the context of child development and wellbeing and what implications does it have for creating enthusiastic lifelong learners? How can we really give our children the best start in their most formative years?

This book will ensure you understand school readiness but also understand:

  • the experiential nature of children′s learning 
  • how future success is affected by the experiences that have gone before
  • the importance of your role in the child’s journey

This book will give you the confidence to deliver practice that exceeds expectations and the knowledge to stand by your approach to teaching and caring for the children you work with.

Kathryn Peckham will be discussing key ideas from Developing School Readiness: Creating Lifelong Learners in the SAGE Early Years Masterclass, a free professional development experience hosted by Kathy Brodie. To sign up, or for more information, click 

Publication date
December 31, 2016
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