The Anti-Grief

di Marianne Boruch (Autore)
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What to do with the everything crossing one?s path? Everything for and against, upside down and inside out, grief first then its dogged shadow life, which could be joy. In The Anti-Grief, Marianne Boruch challenges our conceptions of memory, age, and time, revealing the many layers of perception and awareness. A book of meditations, these poems venture out into the world, jump their synapse, tie and untie knots, and misbehave. From Emily Dickinson?s chamber pot to meat-eating plants, from an angry octopus to crowds of salmon swimming upstream, Boruch?s imagery blurs the line between natural and supernatural. And of course there is grief?working through grief, getting over grief, living with grief, and in these magnificent poems, anti-grief.

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Data di pubblicazione
15 gennaio 2020
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