Father's Day

by Matthew Zapruder (Author)
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"As seen in the The New York Times Book Review

""In characteristically short lines and pithy, slippery language like predictive text from a lucid dream, Zapruder?s fifth collection grapples with fatherhood as well as larger questions of influence and inheritance and obligation."" ?The New York Times

?[Zapruder] presents powerfully nuanced and vivid verse about the limitations of poetry to enact meaningful change in a world spiraling into callousness; yet despite poetry?s supposed constraints, Zapruder?s verse offers solace and an invaluable blueprint for empathy.? ?Publishers Weekly, starred review

?Zapruder?s new book, Father?s Day, is firmly situated in its (and our) political moment, and is anchored by a compelling gravity and urgency.? ?The Washington Post

The poems in Matthew Zapruder?s fifth collection ask, how can one be a good father, partner, and citizen in the early twenty-first century? Zapruder deftly improvises upon language and lyricism as he passionately engages with these questions during turbulent, uncertain times. Whether interrogating the personalities of the Supreme Court, watching a child grow off into a distance, or tweaking poetry critics and hipsters alike, Zapruder maintains a deeply generous sense of humor alongside a rich vein of love and moral urgency. The poems in Father?s Day harbor a radical belief in the power of wonder and awe to sustain the human project while guiding it forward.


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January 15, 2020
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