How to Make Good Business Decisions

by J.C. Baker (Author)
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How to Make Good Business Decisions is a book to assist people with thoughts surrounding essential aspects of finances and business. Much of the decision-making for people derives from experiences and exposure. The ability to see multiple perspectives allows for a higher level of understanding, increasing common sense perception. The common belief for the concept of common sense is a general acceptance as a usual occurrence or stance among people. However, reality demonstrates that people view topics very differently. Technology and varying media outlets create many avenues for information leading to conflicting positions and confusion.

This book provides a straightforward method of removing distortions among education, business practices, finances, and ownership. There are countless variables, obstacles, and barriers inherent in life's journey, and operating with common sense will alleviate many issues. However, exposure to information, experiences, and education redefines what is "common." Readers will learn how their thoughts, viewpoints, and focus shape their responses and navigation through important decision-making realities. This book serves as a tool for increasing decision-making.

Publication date
April 29, 2021
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