Addiction to Abundance

by Patricia P Kilty (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Grab some tissues, while I take you on a journey of drug addiction, homelessness, toxic relationships, lack of self worth to been a successful online business owner and living a life of freedom.
I stood in the middle of the road in my little night dress and bare feet clutching on to my nan?s hand. She was shaking telling my mum go get the front door keys, so she could lock the door. I looked at her and didn?t understand why she would say that.
Have you ever felt so low the only way you can cope is through self abuse and self destruction? Addicted to abundance is an Irish girl?s struggle with pain, life, parenthood along with alcohol and drug addiction.
The fight between your heart and your mind against the addict within you is not a fair fight. Some battles you win, some battles the addict wins. Just make sure, in the end you win the fucking war.
I love me
But I also love you & I want to help you know
There is always love and light in every corner of darkness. Sometimes it?s in the form of your fight for survival of you and your son. Brave, honest and truthfully scary account of a life controlled
love always
Patricia P

Publication date
February 18, 2021
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