Make Alaska Great Again

by Captain Henry Kroll (Author)
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Alaskan?s are in grave danger. Make Alaska Great again is about making more land and resources available for Alaskan?s so that they are not 100% dependent on other states for everything. At the present time if Alaska misses two shipments of food from the lower states people will starve. What if a war or revolution starts in the lower forty-eight States or an EMP from the Sun, or extreme draught due to climate change or Yellowstone Volcano erupting destroys most of the food crops, no food will be shipped to Alaska. We can?t depend on Russia for aid. This book is about saving the state from a fate similar to Argentina where the government controls all the resources and sells them and wastes the money creating more government. Alaska?s current administration takes in more money per capita than any other state and uses the money to create more government. It needs to build a road to Nome like was planned during WWII to allow citizens access to resources. A ferry system to Russia would boost tourism and trade. We need to give up that childish Cold War and stop pointing nukes at each other. Mutually assured destruction is insane! Why keep on spending billions to maintain old junk that probably to rusty to detonate?Ask yourself what are we and our grandchildren going to do after the state destroys all the renewable resources and sells off the rest? Their track record of management of renewable resources speaks for itself?

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November 12, 2019
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