Policing Is About People

by Martin J. Schwartz (Author)
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We often hear about acts of violence in our country, which may require an intervention by the police. But sometimes the actions, techniques, and methods used generate questions or criticism about the lawfulness and necessity of policing. Thus many in and out of law enforcement continue to look for ways to improve what we view as inappropriate police conduct.

Who are these men and women called upon to keep the order, peace, and safety of our communities? How are they recruited, trained, and supervised as they perform the duties we demand of them?

Martin J. Schwartz?s book, Policing Is About People, examines the lawfulness and methodology of police actions and considerations in evaluating them. More importantly, it identifies the humanness of the police as told by a police officer. The book offers an opportunity to view policing as a function demanded by the people?our constitutional founders. Finally, the book considers how to make policing better, safer, and smarter for both the citizenry and the police.

Publication date
August 28, 2019
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