Stroke of Genius

by Gentleman Klark (Author)
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In Stroke of Genius, I Profess Vol. 2, Gentleman Klark has combined fine pieces of literature that come together into a story book composition body of work that surpasses being just a decent poetography. As an autobiography in poems, this book has moments that are serious, disappointing, humorous, and inspiring. Gent gives a descriptive word show of what it?s like journeying through the different hoods, and sailing waters in the different ships of life: childhood, adulthood, parenthood, and friendships, relationships, and partnerships. In this follow up to I Profess, Gent fills audiences in on experiences in depth and Stroke of Genius does not fall short in showing his growth and maturity as a man, as well as his skill as an author and poet. Through his pen, through his heart, and through his mind, Gent displays his writing versatility as he poetically expresses sexually intimate and non-intimate experiences. To meet expectations of various critics, he proves he is not a one track minded writer, and that he can literally, poetically write about any and every feeling, idea, and experience. Stroke of Genius is an all around, all the way through compilation of fancy penmanship, witty, wooing wordsmanship, linguistic art expressions of good intent, misery, pleasure, pain, heartache, disappointment, madness, joy, anger, and love. It all has an advanced level of creative quality that makes it far from dull poetry. As you read, you?ll enjoy how Gent?s words are fashionably and elegantly placed, how his thoughts and experiences are beautifully and carefully described, making his expressions visually imaginable and appealing.A literary and publishing upgrade from the first I Profess in several categories including: smarts, creative clarity, and content. Gent has certainly worked to develop as a published author and increase the value of his work.A book showcase full of writing skill and poetic talent.Poetry that returns the fun to reading. Worth every cent. There are so many poems, and each poem is like it?s own story itself.Where poetry and publishing meet. Stroke of Genius, I Profess Vol. 2 is the calligraphy of printed poetry.

Publication date
January 22, 2020
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