Understanding Interviews

by Dilip Basu (Author)
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?Understanding Interviews? offers the reader a comprehensive, easy-to-read and contemporary treatise on the topic of interviews. It is unparalleled in its coverage of the multiple facets of interviewing and being interviewed, including discussions on
?The ?what?, ?why?, ?when? and ?how? of interviews
?Over one hundred elements of interviews
?Interview etiquette and appropriate dressing
?The dynamics and styles of interviews
?Guidance for job seekers, students and other potential interview candidates
?The fear of interviews and its remedies
?Preparing children for academic admission interviews
?Group discussions and campus interviews
?Telephonic and video interviews
?Behaviour based interviews
?Handling interview related rejection and success
?Methods of self-analysis & the wheel of ?Perfection?
?Role of tomorrow?s interviewers
?Commonly asked questions

The book is intended to be a friendly companion for readers in their quest to master interviews, and includes a glossary of uncommon/specialized terminology for ready reference.

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September 27, 2018
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