by Tim Needles (Author)
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Artist and educator Tim Needles brings a fresh approach to STEAM topics, focusing on creativity, innovation and collaboration.

There are numerous books on STEAM, but most are either arts and crafts project books designed for children or high-level books that can be weighty and inaccessible for new teachers. This accessible and engaging book offers creative ideas for blending arts and STEM learning (STEAM). It covers the fundamentals of STEAM, with project ideas and best practices, while providing insight from educators in the field.

Technologies covered include: coding, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, photography, video, animation and digital drawing. In addition, the book addresses several different approaches to bringing STEAM learning to the next level, such as collaboration, global learning, project-based learning, makerspaces and social-emotional learning.

The book:

  • Features a breadth of technology and project possibilities, with project ideas organized by technology type.
  • Explores long-standing concepts that are relevant regardless of specific advances in technology, providing the pedagogy behind the projects rather than technology for technology’s sake.
  • Offers a highly visual approach, incorporating photographs and hand-drawn sketchnotes.
  • Illustrates concepts through author examples as well as a series of interviews featuring STEAM professionals and expert teachers.
  • Presents topics in a clear, concise manner that's useful for repeated reading and as a practical resource.

With its friendly style and visual design, the book is a practical guide for new and emerging educators, and for educators looking for fun and creative ways to invigorate their STEAM curriculum.

Audience: K-12 educators

Publication date
March 24, 2020
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