Transform Learning Through Technology

by Helen Crompton (Author)
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This guide to the ISTE Coaching Standards helps define the role of technology coaches and shows how their work connects to the ISTE Standards and learning sciences.

The role of technology coaches in education constantly evolves and encompasses many responsibilities. Coaches inspire educators to improve learning outcomes through the integration of technology, ensuring accessible high-quality learning and lesson plans for all students. Technology coaches also model digital citizenship to support the interactions of educators and students in a digital world.

This guide to the ISTE Standards for Coaches will help define the role of the coach; show how it relates to the roles addressed in the ISTE Standards for Students, Educators and Education Leaders; share information from research and the learning sciences relating to coaching cycles and methodologies; and present scenarios from coaches in diverse situations and with varied backgrounds.

The guide focuses on:

  • The role of educational technology coaches to transform learning, teaching and leading with technology.
  • The coach as a key touchstone for change agency in the system to influence up, out and down.
  • Professionalizing the coaching role, bringing coherence to how coaches relate to other educators and vice versa.
  • Working with educators to ensure that technology is integrated in a meaningful way to promote the development of knowledge and skills.

Audience: K-12 coaches

Publication date
March 24, 2020
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