The War of Authenticity

by Jamir Ahmed Choudhury (Author)
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There is no doubt that we are far away from the self-evident concepts of Sirius binary system (Samawaati wal-Arz), natural magnetism (Nuurun Alaa Nuur), upright rectangular universe (end of proof), immovable hexagonal world (asterisk), appearing pentagonal earth (star operator), three ascending stairs, Upright-West region of the appointed kaba, straight Middle-East region of Eartha 3D, four Galilean moons, visual binaries, four basic forces, four cardinal directions, nine planets as nine eye opening evidences, equal and opposite stages of journey of the manifested signs and two clear proofs of natural magnetic directions, and the like due to historically prevailing learning gaps objectively in the reading materials of basic sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences spoiling sanctity of education, significance of scientific certainty, and existential import of legitimacy as well as violating first generation natural & environmental rights, second generationessential & fundamental rights and social & cultural rights, third generationun-interfering & inviolable rights and four foundational solidarity rights in Islam, and uncompromising constitutional rights of our fresh generation.

Publication of the The War of Authenticity along with Significant Crucial Instances is an experimentum crucis (crucial experiment) before responsible chairs, legitimate authorities, religious scholars, scientists, philosophers, astronomers, astrophysicists, so-called mystics, sufis, intelligent bureaus, crime detectives, diplomats, lawyers, judges, writers, publishers, journalists, media persons, political leaders, so-called imams, social reformers, and mankind in general with a view to manifest the existential imports of the searched out equal and opposite findings of an illiterate Indian Banii-Israa-iil (an ordinary Indian Muslim) in each and every aspect of human persons living in societies as well as three core normative teachings of Bhagvat Gita, namely, (1) do what is right, (2) choose what is good, and (3) sticking to what is truth.

Failure or success to recognize and confirm the searched out equal and opposite findings of an ordinary Hindustani will provide significant crucial instances on the basis of which we can distinguish possessors of balanced good sense (innate idea of Rene Descartes) from cursed human persons of Peter Singer (tabula rasa of John Locke) removing all doubts.

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January 24, 2018
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