Secrets of the Wealth Game: What They Hoped You'd Never Find Out

by Eric L. Stevens J.D. (Author)
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From the inception of the industrial revolution into our present ?nano technology? information age, Wealth and those who have it, continue to proliferate. Ever consider why during our early schools years and later in college we are taught how to be capable employees, but not business owners and wealthy? Calculated design or just an oversight? Is there a ?Wealth Game? in progress about which you never received the memo? Many coming into large sums of money, either through hard work, inheritance, or even ?instant millionaires? who?ve won hundreds of millions with a lottery ticket, have been unable to keep their earnings; and in the latter?s case, remain a ?millionaire.? Why not? And, would their new, millionaire status really mean they were actually ?wealthy?? Why is ?wealth? obtained and sustained by some, while, obtained and dwindled away by others? Are there Secrets? How do you change from wanting to be ?rich,? to desiring to become ?truly wealthy?? Is there a difference? What?s the Secret? How do you get wealth? How do you hold on to more of what you earn on your way to wealth? What?s the Secret? ?Secrets Of The Wealth Game: What They Hoped You?d Never Find Out,? takes you behind the scenes and into the world of wealth and reveals the secrets of how the ?Founding Financial Fathers? in this country obtained and have sustained their wealth through multiple generations. ?Secrets Of The Wealth Game? makes their secrets your secrets; reveals their strategies and the financial tools that will enable you to track their footprints to financial success, wealth protection and the ability to sustain both. ?to acquire is nothing, to keep is everything? --- The Zurich Group, LLC

Publication date
June 03, 2014
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