Grammy Said, “No!”

Grammy Said, “No!”

di Lucy Geddes (Autore), Schenker De Leon (Illustratore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

Grandmothers always say, “Yes,” to everything, right? Not this Grammy!

When asked if pickles and raisins can be added to a peanut butter sandwich, at first Grammy says, “No!” but then she wonders, “Why not? That might be good!” When asked if it’s okay to play outside when it’s raining, Grammy says, “No!” but then agrees it is fun to get wet as long as everyone stays safe. When asked if the swingset can be painted six different colors, Grammy says, “No!” but then decides it might be pretty.

In this delightful tale, Grammy soon realizes that sometimes “No!” may not be the best response and sometimes it is the perfect response.

Data di pubblicazione
22 novembre 2020
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