Education from a Manufacturing Perspective

A Prek-12 Education Strategy
by Edsel Shejen (Author)
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Edsel Shejen went to trade school and spent thirty-six years in manufacturing.

Four metrics were drilled into his head: Safety, quality, schedule, and cost. The mantra was to safely produce a quality product—on time and at the lowest cost.

After these metrics were established, the departments within the shop used established problem-solving systems such as lean manufacturing, Deming principles, quality circles, and other methods to identify problems, determine causes, and implement solutions that gave the greatest impact for the least cost.

In this book, the author takes the problem-solving skills he learned on the job and applies them to education to conduct an audit on the school system in his area. The audit includes a review of district and school websites, interviews with former students and parents, a review of meeting minutes, and more.

Each chapter establishes a step-by-step process to review the business plan of the school district in your community.

Join the author as he shares ways to identify problems in any education system—as well as solutions to help teachers teach and students learn.

Publication date
February 25, 2021
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