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Have you experienced educational burnout? Tired of burning the midnight oil strategizing on how to bring about change within your organization? Are you tired of holes being drilled in the boat while trying to reach your destination? Let's make a U-turn to change the direction of your organization toward success. U-Turn: A Recipe for School Reform equips educational leaders with the tools necessary to make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of students growing up in poverty by changing the culture of their learning environment and making learning relevant to their everyday lives. Dr. Tameka H. Davis transforms an elementary and high school that were classified as high-poverty schools into high-performing schools. In both organizations, Dr. Davis changed the ethos and culture, provided high-performance organizational management, high-quality aligned instructional systems, recruited and cultivated high-quality teachers and teaching, and led with equity ensuring that all students had access to opportunities and resources.

Readers should expect to

understand the urgency of poverty and how the learning environment has a direct impact on their academic achievement,

understand the importance of building authentic student relationships,

understand the importance of building the confidence of students,

understand the power of allowing students to have ownership of their data,

understand the rationale behind setting goals that are attainable for students.

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Dr. Davis's leadership style is transformational to say the least. She is truly a blessing to the entire educational spectrum. Her love for educating children is clearly seen in her writing as well as in her leadership. Dr. Davis provides support to teachers and parents to ensure all students learn. Her strategic thinking and innovative ideas allow teachers to use their strengths and build their weaknesses from planning to implementing. I'm truly excited to learn so much more through this publication.

-Kristen L. Williams, MEd

Dr. Tameka Davis's books provide keen insight into becoming a transformational leader in today's educational climate. This book provides a real-world way to achieve transformational leadership. Her book can help any dedicated leader turn any school K-12 into a successful school with high achievement. The processes she has laid out in this book will be an absolute game-changer for a school that has been low-performing. She has included essential information about best practices and proven teaching methods for children in poverty.

-Stacey Vaughn, MEd

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April 16, 2021
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