Why Not Islam?

by Kwame Nero (Author)
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There are 5 principles which Islam is based off of that establishes all the rule and regulations, perimeters, boundaries and daily movements. Every pillar goes back to these principles and because of these principles we establish laws. Shari?ah is the legal systems in which Islam is implamented. Shari'ah was designed to protect these 5 principles, which are Rights of every Human Being. To preserve the Religion, the Self/ Soul, the Mind, the Family/Offspring, and the Wealth/ Money are those Principles. In this book I elaborate on each topic using proofs and evidence from the Old Testament, New Testament, Hadith, and Quran. It is my sole intention to remind us all of a day that is spoken about with great emphasis in all of these scriptures, which is the Day of Resurrection. In the first Book ?Until the Sun Rises from the West- The Islamic perspective? I intended to call humanity to know that Islam is not new. It is the same Religion brought by all the Prophets. For this reason I wanted to describe the 5 Pillars of Islam from the biblical perspective. However, In the piece of work ?Until the Sun Rises from the West- Why not Islam? I wanted to elaborate on the reason why Islam is right for all of humanity through it?s practical implementation. I intend to finish this Trilogy with a manuscript describing The Day of Resurrection for those who took heed of the warning signs God sent us through his Prophets and Holy Scriptures vs. those who ignored them out of neglect, procrastination, or pure disbelief. The Sun will rise from the west on the Day of Resurrection, A day we must all face.

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April 15, 2021
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