Individual Respect Is a Language Everyone Can Understand

by Joe McNeill (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This book asks the question ?How are we going to get to a world more-so of free interacting fellow individual people and less-so of restricted groups intrinsically apart from one another? We don?t live in a world so much of cultural groups, religions, nations, skin colors, and genders as much as one of fellow individual people- like ourselves. Recognizing your individuality and that of others is not the same as being individualistic- it is not selfish nor self-absorbed- it is instead our most widespread and fundamental common language and honest base of community with each other. The root of prejudice, terrorism, war and many of humankind?s problems is a failure of people to recognize and accept their own individuality socially and respect and empathize with the fundamental individuality of all others. Socially we should recognize, empathize, and respect each other as individuals regardless of what groups we belong to.No individual should have their skin color or gender define who they are throughout their lives on this planet. We need to transform into a ?fellow individual? based society rather than one of fundamentally separated groups of people. We can do this without losing our cultures, religions, nations, states, tribes, languages, etc. ? we just need to prioritize- and lead with- individual respect towards all other people.

Publication date
March 21, 2021
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