Litigation Story

by Stephanie Cousins (Author)
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Filing a lawsuit or a claim is a big decision, but you can successfully navigate the legal process with the knowledge and skills in this legal guide.

Stephanie Cousins, a veteran freelance court reporter, walks you through critical steps to take if you’ve been injured in a personal accident or on the job. By following her guidance, you will avoid becoming just another client, just another case … or just another injured worker.

Be free from all fear and intimidation as you:

• take control over your conversations;
• take control over your signature;
• take control over your medical treatment;
• prepare to answer tough questions;
• give testimony in court or a deposition.

You can possess the power and confidence to make a mind-blowing comeback from injury, fully prepared to face insurance companies, lawyers, and judges—and you don’t need insurance training or a law degree.

Do not allow a personal injury lawsuit or worker’s compensation claim to destroy your life—because you are not just a victim, and your rights matter.

Empower yourself to achieve the best results legally, physically, and emotionally with the guidance and insights in Litigation Story.

Publication date
April 29, 2021
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