What, If Anything, Is Out There?

by Gene P. Abel (Author)
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COL (USA Ret) and bestselling author Gene P Abel lays out the truth about UFOs and offers readers a fascinating exploration of the existence of an intelligent extraterrestrial race in this exploration of sightings and their potential impact on the future, and security, of the human race.

There are few events that would be of more importance, or more startling, than if, in the near future, we found ourselves confronted by another intelligent race with abilities and technology far superior to anything that currently exists on Earth. In What, If Anything, Is Out There? Gene P. Abel, COL (USA Ret.), details historic events that may well have been sightings by our ancestors and begins to explore what these encounters could mean for our security in the future. Drawing upon his years of military experience, Abel offers a unique insider’s perspective as he guides readers through a thoughtful history into the Roswell incident of 1947 and beyond.

In the wake of the Department of Defense acknowledgement that the US Navy has encountered UFOs, and in a moment where sightings are on the rise, What If Anything, Is Out There is a timely, and much-needed, look at the role of intelligent life in the universe.

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June 01, 2021
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