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Science has failed to explain the deep nature of reality. While it surprises us every day with amazing new discoveries that make life more pleasant, it ignores the real basis of our existence.Its reductionist wager on materialism has never been able to specify the nature of the spirit or explain its decisive role in the great transformations the world undergoes. Why does the ambition of an enlightened person provoke a war that kills millions of lives or the word of a prophet radically change the future of a society? It has not even taken on the task of establishing a theory of love with the excuse that it is the fruit of chemical reactions. It thus places it on the same level as indigestion.Nor has it found the material mechanisms of physics. Existence is guided by mathematical equations that act as laws that Nature must follow, but nobody knows why they are obeyed. Gravity attracts us, without our being able to perceive the force that tugs at our feet and drags us to the ground. The same is true of electric charges. No one can explain why a wavenumber is able to carry energy indefinitely through a vacuum, or how information can travel through the universe faster than light. We do not know what energy is or how it is transformed. Even the Big Bang is doubtful because it violates the law of energy conservation. To top it all, our inability to create life in the laboratory is as inexplicable as it is astonishing.The great thinkers of physics are waiting for disruptive proposals to make sense of it all. In this book, Jose Luis Manzanares offers us a thesis that responds to so much uncertainty and dares to reveal the great secret of reality.

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June 01, 2021
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