How to Survive Middle School

by Douglas,Anastasia L. (Author)
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Middle school is a very riveting place to navigate. There are many things to learn and experience. Throughout the numerous middle school journeys that have taken place since schools began, there are obstacles. Obstacles can lead you to problem solving and new ideas, or they can lead to heartbreak and despair. They can leave you asking questions like What are we to do? Where do we go for help? How will we survive the problem in front of us?Kids every day are always scared of what lies ahead of them in the world. Some are scared of the next phase in their lives. Kids going to elementary school, mini-teens going to middle school, and teenagers going to high school.People give advice to help others, just like how people make guides for, well, guidance. There are guides for almost everything, from cooking to preparing for college, but has anyone ever given you a guide to middle school? My book will help you get through your middle school experience. It will help you with things, from your first day to the last.Enjoy my book entitled How to Survive Middle School: The Guide to Survive. This book will get you prepared for the adventure you are about to face. Happy middle school survival!

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May 27, 2020
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