G.I. Ant Becoming a Victorious Giant

by Hicks,Barb (Author)
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G. I. Ant and his friends are faced with fear, temptation, bullying, and anxiety. Each day brings new challenges and situations that need the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. God desires us to be victorious over the devices of the enemy through the power of His Word.The lies and traps of the enemy are real even in the lives of children. As G. I. Ant's family is faced with these issues, they turn to the Word of God to find answers. Bible stories are no longer just a story to them, but they discover as the scriptures are applied to real life they bring a whole new meaning to the scriptures. By the practical examples of G. I. Ant's life, children learn to become doers of the Word by knowing how to apply the scriptures to their lives.G. I. Ant's friend Izri learns the truth about evolution through the truth of the Bible. Izri and Fezzic learn some keys to overcoming temptation. G. I. Ant has hope as he is faced with the death of a friend by learning the truth about eternity and what heaven is like.God has given us weapons to use as we face difficulties in life. G. I. Ant teaches children how the Word, the power of praise, and knowing truth will help them to become victorious giants for God.

Publication date
August 29, 2019
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