Violets and Other Tales

by Alice Dunbar Nelson (Author)
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Violets and Other Tales (1895) is a collection of stories and poems by Alice Dunbar Nelson. While working as a teacher in New Orleans, Dunbar Nelson published Violets and Other Tales through The Monthly Review, embarking on a career as a leading black writer of the early twentieth century. “If perchance this collection of idle thoughts may serve to while away an hour or two, or lift for a brief space the load of care from someone's mind, their purpose has been served—the author is satisfied.” With this entreaty, Alice Dunbar Nelson introduces her first published work with a humility and caution rather unfitting an author of such immense talent. In this collection of reflections, vignettes, short stories, and poems, Dunbar Nelson proves herself as a writer immersed in the classics, yet capable of illuminating the events and concerns of her own generation. In “A Carnival Jangle,” she provides a vibrant description of New Orleans during its legendary season of celebration. “The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ” presents itself as a newly discovered manuscript revealing Jesus’ travels in India. Dunbar Nelson’s brilliant prose style is nicely juxtaposed with her expertise in poetic form as she moves fluidly from love poems to religious verses, narrative poems to heartbreaking elegies. Only twenty years old when this collection was published, Dunbar Nelson executes a brilliant debut to a long and distinguished career in literature. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Alice Dunbar Nelson’s Violets and Other Tales is a classic of African American literature reimagined for modern readers.

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