The Gift of Parenting

by Dr. Shanon Gibson (Author)
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The opportunity to become a parent is truly a gift. When we step into one of the most challenging and important roles we will ever play, we are provided with the opportunity to unwrap this precious gift and create an amazing adult.

In a comprehensive reference manual, Dr. Shanon Gibson relies on her experience as a seasoned teacher, educational entrepreneur, and infant/toddler developmental specialist to share strategies and insight for parents, educators, counselors, and caregivers that encourage positive early childhood experiences and the development of a whole person to achieve ideal lifelong outcomes. Dr. Gibson provides valuable information on the latest research findings, the growth of a child’s brain, developmental milestones related to a child’s birth gender, and concrete methods to change negative behaviors, build resilience, limit screen time and technology, teach social skills, and much more. Additionally, Dr. Gibson defines sensory processing and the eight sensory systems to help caregivers understand the uniqueness of every child and then successfully parent around it.

The Gift of Parenting is a compassionate guide to unwrapping a child’s potential during early development to ensure the creation of a happy, productive adult.

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May 26, 2021
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