Imagine Living Life Well with Perspective & Perseverance

de Whitaker,Maureen (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

Book One: Imagine Living Life Well with Perspective & Perseverance

Volume I: Opening & Dastardly Deeds Evil Ones Do to Create Chaos

Volume II: Twisty Turns: Finding What Does & Does Not Assist

Book One includes Volume I and II. It opens with a crime at a Medieval Society event with the two main characters. Anna and Liam are dealing with injuries and an attempt on Liam's life. The fighters of said event do not use ‘live steel.' Anna finds her husband and discovers he is injured. He is taken to a hospital emergency room for treatment. They talk with the Police. Many events come up once they return home and have to deal with different aspects of Law Enforcement. While in the hospital, Anna and Liam's friends create a special path in their backyard. They are able to use it to regain wellness. They find what works and follow many intuitive trails to become well again. They persevere with their situation having many discussions.  The emergency room doctor is curious about their spiritual advents and an unusual injury to Anna. The doctor invites them to visit. They ask many questions, including a design of bracelets they are wearing which is a huge mystery and eventually more is known on it. Liam sets goals and begins to do much better. Not knowing if they will have to change their identity, they work on designs which may work for their Medieval Society. They work with a number of Law Enforcement agents. The have a potluck with their Medieval Society household and the reality of Liam's condition is seen. Anna and Liam's love for each other sustains them. This book leads the way to Book Two: Volumes III and IV and to Book Three: Volumes V and VI.

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3 de junio de 2021
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