Awaken and Journey to Your True Self

by Dr. Merlin Pickston (Author)
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Everyone wants to live a happier and healthier life … but how do you get there?Awaken and Journey to Your True Self is a book for anyone who wants to improve their life. By sharing examples from his own life, author Dr. Merlin Pickston provides a blueprint that will help you find your own path of self-improvement.As you work your way through the examples, activities, exercises, and meditations, you’ll find yourself ready to:•make changes to mind, body, and spirit to rediscover your true self;•cope with the highs and lows that come with life;•appreciate life in a greater way than ever before;The author also highlights seven pillars of personal change, which will help you make permanent changes to accomplish your goals. While these changes won’t happen overnight, you can make immediate breakthroughs that will propel you forward with the guidance in this book.Filled with practical examples, you’ll refer to this guide time and again as you begin a spiritual awakening that leads to your true self.“The book is written in a way that makes the topics easy to understand and relate to. This helped me connect with the messages of the subjects at a deep level and motivated me to do the work required to release tensions and negativity from my life and to begin to become the best version of myself.” —Enrica Borghi

Publication date
June 09, 2021
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