The Dream Seller: Bakhshinda Roya

by Ahmad Murtaza Ahmadi (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This book delves into the life journey of a child, who had an exquisite life with a kind family and in a delightful environment. The child had a house in which different animals lived, different types of fruit trees and vegetable were planted. All the children who used to live by his house have been coming near by the river and have been playing different childish games with each other. They used to touch the beauty of life every day. Life was simple but very lovely and peaceful, but unexpectedly the colorful life and happiness did not stay with him forever; the horrible and dark wave of life turned every beautiful moment into an ugly and cold moment. That was the beginning of the civil war in a country that has been like an innocent deer was hunted by numerous wild wolves in capes of political parties. There was not only the government to rule but several parties have been trying to devastate the country. To this end, the child was forced to refuge and experience much more hardships.

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June 09, 2021
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